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In making this application for employment, and if hired, i hereby understand, certify and state that:

*Number One Vending is authorized to obtain and disclose information and records from my previous employers, from any governmental agency, and from schools I have attended, if any: and I release any individual, partnership, corporation, governmental agency, or school from any liability whatsoever for furnishing or disclosing any such information.

*A pre-employment investigative report may made, and that I have the right to make a written request within a reasonable period of time to receive information about such report, if any. We will treat all information confidentially. Any false, misleading or incomplete statement of information or omission of any information on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for immediate termination of my employment.

*I will comply with all Federal, State and Municipal Laws, Ordinances and Regulations, including but without limitation, those governing Federal excise tax, cigarettes/tobacco, intoxicating liquors, dangerous drugs, and narcotics and will not involve Number One Vending in any violation of same. I will comply with the rules and regulations of Number One Vending.

*My employment with Number one Vending is for no definite period and may be terminated an any time, with or without cause, and without any previous notice, at the option of Number One Vending or me. I further understand that no employee, manager or other agent or representative of Number One Vending, other that its Chief Executive Officer, has any authority to enter into any agreement or amendment contrary to the foregoing.

*This application is active for sixty (60) days from today’s date. If I still desire a position with the company after this application expires, it will be my responsibility to complete and submit a new application.

I certify that all statements and representations in this application are true.


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