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The Grand Champion

Champion Shuffleboard – The Grand Champion


Championship Shuffleboard revolutionized the industry in 1988 by developing the original “Lifetime Polymer” finish. This coating is applied directly over the Canadian Maple plank to provide a fantastic playing surface that NEVER requires re-finishing.

Our electronics are the finest available and now include actual voice sounds. These features and others have made Champions the largest shuffleboard manufacturer in the world.

Designed not only for the player, but also with the operator in mind… our built in handicap feature makes this a better game to play and speeds up the play time therefore creating more revenue.

                    -Playfield Size: 3″ thick x 20″ wide
-Cradle Lengths: 12′ – 22′ (22′ tournament size)
-Width: 31″ without scoring unit; 36″ with scoring unit
-Height: 30″ to the top of the playfield
-Weight: 50 lbs per foot (approximately)

                                Exclusive Features & Customized Options:
-Polymer finish
-Oak veneer cabinets
-State-of-the-art electronics (optional):
-Set each game individually according to preferred time and money allotment
-Extended play capabilities
-Cam driven
-Battery backup
-Handicap scoring available
-Customize with your logo

All games are measured from ends of cradles.
The playfield is always 16″ less than the overall length

Price: Pricing is affected by multiple factors for this product. Please contact us with your specifications for an accurate cost.

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