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Pinball Restoration

We take several steps to refurbish your pinball machine for you:

We remove all the parts from the top of a playfield.

  • All plastics are thoroughly cleaned. 

  • All ramps are removed and cleaned.

  • Playfield is waxed and polished.

  • All rubbers are replaced on the entire playfield.

  • We change coil sleeves and flipper links if necessary.

  • All ball troughs are cleaned and polished.

  • All lamp board and PCBs are checked and cleaned.

  • New lights are installed in the lamp PCB when necessary.

  • We clean, detail, and touch up (if possible) the cabinet exterior.

  • The inside of the cabinet is cleaned and vacuumed.

  • Backbox translite or backglass is cleaned.

  • New light bulbs are installed in the backbox if necessary.


The fun part of our job is to test the game to make sure it plays properly!

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