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Champion Shuffleboard – Madison

Champion Shuffleboard – Madison


The Madison is designed with a passion for Old World craftsmanship. This table is an elegant addition to any home, pub or bar. The Madison Shuffleboard table has clean lines that present understated grace and elegance. This beautiful design partnered with the finest playfield, continues to make Champion Shuffleboard tables the most recognized and respected anywhere.

-Refined Queen Anne legs
-Timeless rope accents
-Polished aluminum seam covers with handcrafted detail
-Classic style with Highlighting stain technique
-Detailed on the cradle and legs

-Playfield Size: 3″ thick x 20″ wide
-Cradle Lengths: 12′ – 22′ (22′ tournament size)
-Width: 31″ without scoring unit; 36″ with scoring unit
-Height: 30″ to the top of the playfield
-Weight: 50 lbs per foot (approximately)
-Exclusive Features & Customized Options:

                                        Standard Features:
-Solid maple cabinets
-Polymer finish playfield (needs no resurfacing)
-Patented Handicap Scoring Makes game play faster and allows players of different skill levels to play each other

                                        Optional Features:
-State-of-the-art electronics
-Custom leg design
-Custom stains available
-Customize with your logo
-Your choice of score unit

All games are measured from ends of cradles.
The playfield is always 16″ less than the overall length.

Price: Pricing is affected by multiple factors for this product. Please contact us with your specifications for an accurate cost.



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