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Arachnid Galaxy 3

G3 Dartboard

The latest bar dartboard from Arachnid, the Galaxy 3 features Dual “Flip” Dartboards + LED Lighting ! All the features you liked about the Galaxy 2 have been carried over  to the new Galaxy 3 + all the new features !

The Galaxy III comes with both the traditional 15″ Darthead
and the new European-sized 13″ Darthead, both of which
are mounted on a rotating back board – Just Flip & Switch !

Also new is the LED Illuminated Dart Target and Marquee – Strips of LED Lights line the side of the cabinet giving the player a well-lit darthead to throw at. These same LED’s can be configured to display patterns of color to attract players to the game.

Galaxy III Offline Electronic Dart Machine Features :

 New On-Screen “Player Feats” and Game Graphics !
 New White + Multicolored LED Target Illumination !
 Quick Flip / Adjustable 15″ and 13″ Dart Heads !
 Coin Models come with Dual Coin Mechanisms
and can be set for “free play” if desired and DBA
Model comes with both Coin + Dollar Bill Acceptors

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