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Air Hockey

Below are our most commonly sold air hockey tables. If you would like a table listed on the Dynamo’s manufacturers website not listed below, please contact us as we can work with the manufacturer to produce the table you desire.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change. Contact us for the most accurate pricing.

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Table Name Image Notes Price
Dynamo Arctic Wind arcticwindhome
  • Solid, reinforced leg supports prevent table movement during play
  • Heavy-duty cabinet featuring super-fast, no clog puck return
  • Ultra-quiet, High-volume blower keeps the game fast and fun with minimal noise
  • Aluminum rails guarantee quick and accurate deflection
Dynamo Hot Flash II hotflash2
  • UV coated playing surface and blacklight graphics for visual excitement
  • Easy to read overhead LED scoring display keeps pace with the action
  • Exciting colors and graphics for enhanced playing experience
  • Inclined sides offer improved player comfort
  • Patented “Dyna-Blast” Blower system delivers fast, non-stop action
  • Regulation-size playing surface for home play
  • Tournament-tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Durable leg levelers for easy adjustment
Dynamo ProStyle prostyle
  • Patented “Dyna-Blast” Blower system delivers fast nonstop action
  • Tournament tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Tapered sides allow increased player comfort
  • Electronic scoring with side-mounted LED display
  • Optional overhead scorekeeper
7′ Model- $

8′ Model- $

Dynamo Fire Storm firestorm_consumer
  • Lights along the outside flash when scoring
  • Time-tested reliability of the patented “Dyna-Blast” blower system
  • Exciting new overhead styling
  • Dynamo-logo protective side shields included
  • Interactive LED Lighting adds thrill and excitement
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA


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